iPad & Android Tablets - Your Magical Window to the World

Thursday 19/10 - 2/11 10.00am - 12.30pm (3 sessions + individual)

Cost $60 includes individual session
(*Individual session to be booked before course starts)

An introductory course to help you get started with your iPad or Android tablet. We will cover tablet basics, the "Cloud", "Apps", passwords, email, contacts, searching the web and using your Calendar.  BYO Android Tablet or iPad and charger.  An individual session (which much be booked in advance) will get you set up with passwords and make sure your tablet is in working order before the group sessions start.  BYO Android Tablet or iPad and charger.  Continues with "Beyond the Basics" course.

Prior to this course commencing, you will need to ook into and attend an individual session to ensure all your passwords and settings are ready for you to participate fully in the group sessions.  There is the assumption that you are familiar with the using the internet and emails.

Tutor: Trevor Archibald

Cost: $60.00   (3 weeks + individual session)

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